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The need to be on the forefront of agriculture has made Aspee a forerunner. "Aspee" and the "Farmer" have always been an inextricable part of each other. Aspee owes much to the farming community who helped catapult it to its present position. Aspee felt it a boundant duty to repay this debt to the farmers to give back something in return for what they earned through them. 

An enormous amount of research is carried out at various research stations run by agricultural universities and government departments of agriculture in various disciplines to achieve the objective of "growth". However, the findings of research have to be taken to the doorstep of the farmer for deriving the fruitful benefits of research. Considering the geographical size of the country, the large number of farmers involved and the number of languages spoken, the "lab" to "land" transfer of information takes up a massive proportion in terms of time, energy and money. A large number of extensive networks of "extension/ activities is required for dissemination of information to the farmers.

The Worthy Parents

Bearing in mind the very noble cause of supplementing the Government's efforts to carry the fruits of development and research in agriculture to farmers in remote villages, the two partners thought of an alliance. The worthy parents, (its Founder, the late Shri L. M. Pate) -- the American Spring & Pressing Works Ltd., and its large number of distributors -- felt duty-bound to create an ambitious offspring: ASPEE AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION. 

The American Spring & Pressing Works Ltd. has been closely associated with Indian agriculture, particularly its plant protection activities, since the last 52 years, thanks to the wisdom of the late Shri L. M. Patel. Beginning his career as a school teacher in East Africa in 1925, before launching the plant protection venture, he took part in the freedom struggle, and later, joined an engineering concern in Mumbai. Shri. Patel took over a small workshop under the banner of "American Spring & Pressing Works" and without changing this name the company started production of Rotary Dusters in the year 1947 and went on to develop more and more sophisticated equipment for plant protection, malaria eradication, and other agricultural appliances with the help of its own R & D department. Today, the company is a market leader with a very high market share and boasts of employing 360 persons and having three satellite units.

On the other hand, all their distributors showed exemplary devotion to their company and felt duty-bound and committed to give full support as a partner to all the activities of their principal. Thus, the like-minded parents "Aspee" and its "Distributors" made possible the birth of an offspring christened "Aspee Agricultural Research and Development Foundation".

An offspring

"Aspee Agricultural Research and Development Foundation" was sponsored by the American Spring & Pressing Works Ltd. and the association of their distributors, their staff and other associates.

The ASPEE Foundation was registered as a company on 17.10.1973. It was recognized as a Research Institute by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in the year 1974. The Foundation renews its recognition from time to time from Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi. The current recognition is valid upto 31-3-2011. Its activities were formally inaugurated on 10-10-1974 by Dr. J. S. Patel Retd. Agril. Commissioner and former Vice chancellor of J. N. Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Jabalpur. Making a beginning with a modest contribution of Rs.34 lakhs in 1974 and has now grown up to its height. 

The Aspee Agricultural Research and Development Foundation have as its prime objective "to try every bit” to "lend" a "helping hand" to the farmers who till the "land" to increase agricultural production".
Our aim is to conduct scientific research for the extension of knowledge in the field of Plant Protection and encourage excellence in Plant Protection by offering Prizes & Awards to Agriculture Graduates and Progressive Farmers. With a modest contributed by Aspee, their Distributors, associates and its well wishes, the Foundation has been set up with the basic intent of encouraging many of the budding Agriculturists of the country to better the standard of Agriculture. It was Shri. L. M. Patel's vision to motivate the youth to go back to farming. In this quest, he instituted scholarships for studies leading to M.Sc and Ph.D degrees. From the inception of the Foundation, Junior Fellowships have been awarded for studies leading to M.Sc and Senior Fellowships for studies leading to Ph.D. Unfortunately; this dream of Shri.L.M.Patel to urge youth to go back to the Farm still remains unfulfilled.

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