Aspee Alumni Association

Since 1974, Aspee Agricultural Research & Development foundation awards Junior and Senior Fellowship to M.Sc. (Agri), M.Tech (Agril. Engg.) And Ph.D. students in various braches of Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering. The recipients of these fellowships today, occupy positions of pride in various prestigious organizations in India and overseas too.

We had been contemplating organize a get together of our alumni and form their Association. Our alumni readily responded to our call and it was on Saturday the 23rd December, 2000 that the activities of the Aspee Alumni Association was inaugurated at the hands of Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, Former Director General of I.C.A.R., New Delhi and the most celebrated Indian scientist of the 20th Century. There were 40 other eminent dignitaries who were also present.

Organizing this Alumni Association is a Herculean task, nevertheless, one that makes Aspee proud of being responsible for turning our some outstanding citizens in society.

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